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Resumption of Golf

  • Following the lifting of some restrictions by the Scottish Government, golf has been allowed to resume under strict guidelines. South Ayrshire Council has introduced it's flexible membership scheme to allow players to purchase credits for play. However, due to longer tee time intervals and restrictions on numbers per tee time, the scheme has been oversubscribed and indeed there is now a waiting list to join. As of 01/07/20, I can confirm that 60% of the Chase members have been able to join the flexi scheme with at least 6 others on the waiting list. Currently, play is in either 2 or 3 balls depending on the number of households involved and is for Match play only. However, I can confirm that SAC and the R&A/Scottish Golf have provided a blueprint which may allow competition golf to resume. I shall be circulating a working paper to Committee with a veiw to the possible resumption of a limited competitive program once the Chase Inn re-opens. As always the priority of the Committee is the Health and Safety of our members and the need for a clear and consistent message during these unprecedented times. Following further guidance from the Scottish Government on 2/7/20 and consultation with Stephen Kelly, it may be possible that the Chase Inn can open from the middle of July although this will be dependent on staff availability and the completion of the current re-furbishment of the Chase Inn being finished on time. I shall be emailling all members with any details as and when they become available. STAY SAFE and enjoy your golf.

  • Amendment to procedure

  • Following 2 incidents where a member was left without a game during the December Medal Competition, the following procedure must now be followed by all players who pull out of a game after the draw has been made. It is now a requirement that the player pulling out contacts EVERYONE PLAYING IN THE GROUP to inform them. This should happen as a common courtesy but clearly has not been.

  • Reminder to all Members
  • Please note that over the past few weeks some members have failed to mark their own score on their partner's card. Failure to do this makes it impossible to double check scores and is therefore a disqualification offence. This will be rigidly enforced in all competitions.

  • Office Bearers Season 2019/2020
  • Captain David Connor Vice Captain Tony Bloor
    Secretary/Treasurer John Brodie Handicap Secretary Alan Smeeton
    Committee Archie McCaig Committee John Simpson
    Committee Roy McCubbin Committee Robert Gilchrist
    Committee Jimmy Kelly